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COVID-19 Support and Solutions

Velaspan’s Commitment to Keeping Healthcare Connected and Mobile During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 virus spreads, it is placing immense stress on healthcare and life sciences infrastructure, threatening patients’ access to critical care.

Realizing the importance of wireless access to healthcare equipment and healthcare providers, Velaspan is prioritizing service and support for healthcare and life sciences, ensuring that your organization can continue to deliver functions and services in these dire times.

For some organizations, this pandemic is necessitating the need for additional treatment facilities. These makeshift facilities require temporary yet reliable Wi-FI networks optimized for unique environments and backed by responsive support. Ownership of these networks is crucial. We strongly advise against reliance on Wi-Fi from nearby facilities or organizations in situations where lives are on the line.

Velaspan has the staff and experience to deal with these strenuous circumstances.

We encourage you to fill out the form below to learn how we can help your organization get connected and stay connected. We are in this together, and will respond to all inquiries within hours of receipt. If you require immediate assistance please feel free to call us: 484.241.4130

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