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Velaspan 2024 Predictions for Wireless and Cybersecurity 

We’re no Kreskin – or are we? Velaspan’s Jason Beshara and Paul R. Lange share predictions for their respective specialties.

Change is afoot at Velaspan. Last year we launched managed private cellular to complement our wireless services. This year, we’ll begin rolling out an innovative cybersecurity offering – not a prediction, but a fact!

In the spirit of said evolution and in honor of the new year, we asked two team members – Jason Beshara (Mobility Solutions Architect and CWNE with 25+ years in RF technologies) and Paul R. Lange (Cybersecurity Solutions Architect with 30+ years’ experience) – to go on the books with their predictions and hopes for 2024. 

Their responses? Not for the faint of heart.  

Q: Alright, a soft pitch to start. You guys are pros in your respective specialties. What’s something you fully expect to see in your line of work this year?  

JASON: For me, the choice is clear: the 6 GHZ spectrum, made available in 2020, is on the verge of realizing its full potential. I’m particularly excited about the imminent implementation of automatic frequency control (AFC). This advancement will unlock standard power usage in the 6 GHz band for access points – the core components of wireless networks – and for user devices. It promises to enhance bandwidth, minimize interference, and potentially transform Wi-Fi use in densely populated areas. However, the progress won’t be without its challenges, including management of the spectrum, ensuring device compatibility, and navigating the complexities of ongoing regulatory processes, all of which we’ll need to address effectively. 

PAUL: In cybersecurity the no-brainer is admittedly a bit of a downer. I anticipate an unprecedented number of cyber breaches in federal, state, and local election offices. At least fifty countries are holding key elections in 2024, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. Two billion people globally will head to the polls. Adversaries will utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to strengthen tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) intent on jeopardizing election integrity and results. This puts added onus on Velaspan and industry peers to preemptively strengthen traditional network defenses, detections, and responses. 

Q: Turning up the heat on your crystal ball:  What’s something you think could maybe happen in 2024? 

JASON: IEEE 802.11be approval and related early-release products will introduce next-generation capabilities that take Wi-Fi forward in a big way. One particular feature with game-changing potential is Multi-Link Operation, or MLO. It lets devices simultaneously send and receive data across different frequency bands and channels. MLO could dramatically improve how devices manage multiple network connections, providing a faster and more seamless experience. Of course, this ultimately depends on the ability of network vendors and device manufacturers to offer the necessary technology. Realizing enhanced performance will require substantial network infrastructure investments.

PAUL: I’m betting on increased exploitation of over-the-air updates. Software updates are more frequently performed as at-home services, giving adversaries more opportunity to infiltrate connected devices. As demand increases for more autonomous systems – IoT, OT, vehicles, and so on – these systems move further and further away from the individuals responsible for their management and oversight. Whether critical updates are performed via public or private networks, it’s essential that organizations maintain an accurate asset management system, network visibility, and a comprehensive understanding of the over-the-air process used by the manufacturers.

Q: Last but not least, what’s something you personally hope to see in 2024? 

JASON: A possibility that excites me is the increased convergence of private 4G/5G networks with Wi-Fi, which makes both technologies more cost effective. Several Wi-Fi and private cellular vendors have already taken steps toward an integrated approach where each technology can be centrally managed yet utilized for what it does best. The maturing ecosystem and the growing capabilities of IoT devices make this more feasible than ever. Considering how this could reshape our network infrastructures is really exciting, especially for complex environments like large enterprises or industrial settings. The accelerating pace of market consolidation will hopefully further this trend. 

PAUL: I hope 2024 begins to bring widespread and long overdue upgrades to critical cybersecurity infrastructure. Existing infrastructure nationwide is terribly dated. Meanwhile, ever-growing threats feature evolving tactics, techniques, and procedures. New and promising tools exist to defend against these, as do emerging defense strategies, detection, and response capabilities. However, they’re dependent on a more up-to-date and capable infrastructure. 

For tailored solutions and expert guidance, contact us to explore how we can empower your connectivity and security needs.

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