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MPC Service Receives Top Honors

Futurum adds Velaspan to “Ring of Honor” for Managed Private Cellular

Private cellular services are on the research agenda of all the major industry research firms. That’s why Velaspan has met with many of the industry analysts as a part of the launch of our Managed Private Cellular service to brief them on what to expect from Velaspan and how we are leveraging our nearly two decades of wireless experience to create a use-case driven managed private cellular service.

One firm that really sees the value and impact of private cellular is Futurum Group. Futurum is an independent research, analysis, and advisory firm, focused on digital innovation and market-disrupting technologies and trends

Shortly after our announcement, the firm came out with its Market Insight Report: Private 5G Networks – MSP Specialists (PDF download here for free). The report is a concise yet provides a thorough examination of the market forces driving the demand for private cellular managed services providers.

What’s Driving Private Cellular?

According to Ron Westfall, research director with Futurum, the driving forces behind the growing demand are specific use cases in industrial operations, public safety and critical infrastructure.  Other driving forces include the low latency and high connectivity advantages of private 5G.

We also agree with Ron’s view on keeping Wi-Fi interworking and compatibility between private 5G and 4G. We believe strongly that Wi-Fi and private cellular will co-exist and can create very flexible overlay networks. These overlays will thrive because they make the most of the ubiquity of Wi-Fi and the smooth mobile hand off capabilities of private 4G/5G.

Futurum Ring of Honor: Today’s Foremost MSP Private 5G Network Specialist Solutions

In the report, Ron identified four companies that he believes should be recognized for what they are doing in the managed private cellular market –Velaspan is among the four companies recognized.

Ron’s referring to the Velaspan Managed Private Cellular (MPC) service which is a turnkey, fully managed private 4G/5G service that includes high-touch network design, integration with existing Wi-Fi networks, deployment, and ongoing network operations. MPC delivers reliable, secure, controlled, seamless communication experience with greater coverage per radio/AP than currently available with enterprise Wi-Fi technology. The Velaspan MPC utilizes Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and other public or private spectrum to provide the service. 

Here’s Ron’s assessment on Velaspan’s MPC, as written in the report:

“The Futurum Group sees Velaspan MPC as a turnkey, comprehensively managed 4G/5G service that can enable the company to fulfill specific customer demands for 4G/5G private network design and integration with existing Wi-Fi networks, network operations, and deployment priorities—as well as fulfilling expanding private 5G demand. 

An expanding array of use cases across industries such as construction, education, healthcare, manufacturing, mining, energy, ports, and retail is powering the requirement for Velaspan to deliver the ultra-reliable mobile coverage that is instrumental in generating improved business outcomes.” 

We’re pleased to join the ring of honor and we recommend this report to everyone seeking a greater understanding of the private cellular market.

Not sure you have a use-case for this emerging technology? Watch our on-demand webinar with our team of experts now or reach out to start a discussion.

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