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Atmosphere ’19 – Key Take-Aways

Our team weighs in on the conference highlights.

Thousands of attendees from all over sharing ideas and experiences is what makes Aruba’s Atmosphere a terrific annual event. At this year’s conference, held in Las Vegas, our team had the ability to see new products during the Innovation Zone breakouts and had multiple opportunities networking with the Aruba teams and peers within industry.

Velaspan Insights

Below are some key take-aways from some our best engineering minds at Velaspan:

Clearness Device Insight Launch

This year I left Las Vegas with two big takeaways. First, the official launch of ClearPass Device Insight. For our ClearPass clients there’s a lot to get excited about, especially for those in Healthcare. Challenges around profiling specialized devices are prolific, and anyone responsible for designing and deploying ClearPass solutions will see the potential benefits to this new offering.

– David Bond, Partner

LIVE Upgrade Goes Flawless

Aruba Networks never fails to impress in their technology keynotes.  In past years, they have live upgraded the wireless network, tested alpha and beta features and simulated customer challenges. This year’s at Atmosphere, they raised the stakes as they live-upgraded the core network for the conference during the keynote.  Are we at a point where upgrades and routine maintenance are no longer the giant scary things that network engineers fear?

– Jake Snyder, Lead Mobility Solutions Architect

Aruba Central’s Next Phase

For me personally, the other interesting development was learning of Aruba’s integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into Aruba Central. Since the acquisition of RASA in 2016, I’ve been watching for AI and ML technology to pop up within the Aruba ecosystem. Last year we saw the this in the form of NetInsight, as a stand-alone cloud product. This year, Aruba announced their intention to merge this capability with its cloud architecture, Aruba Central. The decision seems to be a perfect fit sending a clear message that Aruba Central has a bright future.

– David Bond, Partner

Summer of Aruba OS8

Since Aruba Networks announced their new Aruba OS8 operating system for their wireless controller, there has been a bit of hesitance.  Transition plans, hardware refresh, procurement cycles.  And while they didn’t talk about it much during Atmosphere 2019, everyone else was asking about it, planning for it, and talking about their success with it.  I think I can declare that the hesitation is over, and 2019 will be the “Summer of Aruba OS8.”

– Jake Snyder, Lead Mobility Solutions Architect

A First Time “Airhead”

As a first time Airhead, Atmosphere lived up to its reputation of in-depth product knowledge, corporate leadership and cutting-edge technology that cements Aruba’s ever-growing market share. The sessions were informative in helping me understand the company’s vision for customer solutions, a “Customer First/Customer Last” approach, providing best-practice demonstrations. This is the type of insight you don’t normally attain as an engineer.

– John Fortunato, Wireless Systems Engineer

These insights provide value that is shared to the rest of our team and in our day to day interactions with our client. It’s the main reason for why we continue to attend this conference year after year.

Golf before the conference wasn’t bad either.

If your organization needs Velaspan as valuable part of your team, contact us today and take the first step towards enterprise-quality wireless.

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