We’re Not Doctors. But Wi-Fi Networks Think We Are.

Your Wi-Fi is More Than a Network. It’s Your Lifeline.

As you know, modern healthcare can’t afford unreliable Wi-Fi. Lives depend on the signals that connect medical professionals to critical information, to patients, and to each other.

Still, healthcare facilities struggle to stay connected. Remodeling, additions, new locations, and the challenges of mergers and acquisitions routinely interrupt signals and network planning/design. Add moving people and parts and a staggering variety of devices, and it’s easy to see why healthcare Wi-Fi belongs in the hands of proven professionals.

Proven professionals like Velaspan.

Velaspan has longstanding relationships with some of the nation’s largest healthcare networks and hospitals. They lean on our specialists for network design, planning, and support.

We understand healthcare’s hurdles and stakes. Better yet, we can see them coming. Work with us to get high-performance Wi-Fi today as well as planning that’s prepared for tomorrow.

Whether you’re struggling to stay connected or looking for the right design partner, let’s talk. Fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch soon to schedule a consultation.

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